Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wedding Showcase/Sicky Sickness

Colton and I were able to go to the Southern Utah Bridal Showcase at SUU on Saturday. 
He was totally willing and excited to go with me ( a Gandolfo's breakfast sandwich bribe may have been involved.)

I felt a little uncomfortable being there with a baby in tow, but I also am pretty much over the judgement.
I feel married, I live a married life, we love each other and our little family.
Pretty much over people raising their eyebrows at me...
We are taking all the right steps, I only had a baby 3 weeks ago.

We entered a lot of contests, got a free 2 night hotel stay, ate some delicious cake, and pretty much left terrified.

At least I did. 

Weddings are SO expensive.

The people there were giving deals like "$100.00 of a $2500 photography package if you sign up today."
(That's a deal?) I mean maybe it's just me but if i'm going to spend over two grand on a photographer, i'm not real worried about that awesome $100.00 off. 

And there's all sorts of extra's I never knew I needed:
Fake Decorative cake? Chair ribbons? Video presentations...Gah

So I WILL be doing a budget wedding just like we did a budget baby, but hey, it all worked out right?

In other news:

My In-Laws stopped in to visit this weekend on their way to a home show, they love this little boy and make any excuse to come see him. (He has two sets of grandparents guilty of that.) We have had family here every weekend since he was born (and many during the week.) Now Colton has 3 days off in a a row, no visitors are planned and we are sitting at home doing nothing, because:

Colton is sick.
We were planning on heading up North this weekend, then he got sick, so I was going to ride with my In-Laws and he was going to come get me in a few days.
I packed up my bags in preparation to go visit my family and hopefully avoid getting myself & baby sick.
Then my mom called and said they are sick too, and not to come up. (As I was walking out the door.)
So I am a little depressed, very bored, and currently experiencing the beginning of a sore throat.

I seriously need to get cable television.

Oh yes, Quest/Century Link makes me angry. Our internet just went up $35 this month for a 1.5 mbps internet speed. When I called to ask why (because I was PROMISED the rate wouldn't change) they said it was only a 6 month promotion and they are "so sorry about the misunderstanding."

They then preceded to tell me that I can either have 1.5 internet for $40 plus tax OR I can get 12 mbps internet plus a landline for $35. I do not want a landline. I want my 1.5 internet for $15.00. 

Colton said "well we can just get rid of internet."

(I already mentioned we don't have TV. And i'm home alone all day. And that was his best option.)

Sorry for being a whiner.


  1. Hey optimum (which is what I have which used to be bresnan) has some great prices. You should give them a call and see if they have any better pricing. (866) 213-6577

  2. I know how you feel with the baby and not married.
    We were pushed by so many people that we HAD to be married. Why? It's seriously just a very expensive piece of paper. (we were told that Jackson wouldn't love us ad much if we werent married, who says that?!) Anyway, dont feel you have to rush into it. You guys still love each other as if you're married and your son will too. Having our wedding hit us hard financially and we're struggling a bit to keep money in our savings. To have the day of your dreams, start saving now and you really have the perfect wedding.
    -Randi Rasmussen (my phone wouldn't let me sign into my google account for some reason)

  3. Things will get better I promise. If you ever need to get away just give us a call and we will be there.

    Love Jana