Wednesday, January 2, 2013

11 Months Old

I can't believe my little guy is 11 months old! We are already getting ready to plan a first birthday bash (slash the we made it through a whole year celebration.)

Writing this blog has become a lot harder-case in point it's midnight, and tai is currently blowing bubbles on the floor next to the bed (because he can get off the bed himself.) He is trying to grab my phone with one hand and grab my drink with the other.

Every task seems like an ordeal these days. He is everywhere! He climbs things, pushes his favorite stool around the kitchen to get into drawers, and climbs anything he can get near. I caught him standing on his high chair tray to access a christmas tree ornament earlier this evening (and no, I still haven't put that thing away.)

In other news:

He has the poking sliver of his very first tooth (bottom left) and is wearing his new toy story christmas onesie that I got on clearance after Christmas ;)

He LOVES Toy Story. He says "Bu-Bu" (buzz) when we watch, and carries his little figurines around the house, or pushes him in the dump truck Santa gave him for Christmas. (P.S. Tai hates Santa.)

He says "ma!" "Dadadadadada" "huh!" And our favorite shakes his head no when he is doing something he knows is not allowed or when you ask him if he is being naughty.

He also says "mmmmmm" when he eats, and that is frequently since our little bird stands with his mouth open and says "ahhhh" to anyone with food. He will eat anything! He especially likes to throw his lunch on the floor to eat later.

He is learning to share-maybe to well since he kept offering his pacifier to old ladies at Costco.

He is standing perfectly and takes steps only when no one is watching. We watched him walk across the kitchen several times one day when no one was looking, but he won't even take a step when we coax him.

He loves to get into everything that isn't a toy-the DVD shelf, the kitchen cupboards, his diaper pail, the toilet, the garbage a, and under the sinks. He is such a handful but so much fun!

We love our little Tai-zer, Boon, Barnibus, Tai-nuts, Tai-man, boon-ibus (how do we come up with this stuff??)

My favorite part of the day is when he snuggles with me (or when we take naps-obviously.)

I can't believe he will be one soon.