Wednesday, November 21, 2012

10 Months

Our little man is: Standing, taking steps, saying a few words, recognizing people, Afraid of old men (but aren't we all?), learning to play with toys, getting off of furniture by himself, climbing stairs, running from mom when he is in trouble, becoming more independent, still sleeping between mom and dad (sleeping through the night with no bottle!), toothless!

We got our first ear infection (make that a double) experienced a fun allergic reaction to amoxicillin, got a cold for three weeks, watched a lot of Toy Story, played in the bathtub to our hearts content (and splashed the bathroom till it was soaked.)

He loves his daddy-friend, and greets everyone who comes to the door with a smile. (Except old men. We went over that right?)

He likes to drum on the floor with his drumsticks, play piano on the ipad,
and babble baby talk all day. He is constantly climbing on things he isn't supposed to and constantly throwing himself off of them. He has lots of
cuts and bruises to prove that he always goes back for seconds.

We love him :) we will keep him.