Tuesday, June 28, 2016

What A Difference A Doctor Makes

This pregnancy has truly been night and day difference from my first pregnancy with Tai. I was reading back on some of my old blog posts and couldn't believe the difference.

At this time with Tai I was:

-On bedrest.
-Prescribed about 11 different medications.
-Did basically nothing but sleep all day and take baths.
-Absolutely miserable.

I think there was a lot going on with my emotions, and I think a big problem was the doctor I was seeing. Instead of just telling me the things I was experiencing were normal, he always was prescribing me another pill or determining something else was wrong.

With Tai I took anti-nausea pills (for nausea that likely wasn't that bad), they would make me really tired. He switched me to another pill which made me very constipated. So then he put me on a stool softener. That gave me horrible stomach pains. He gave me another medicine to combat the stomach pains and "numb" my stomach. I was prescribed prescription strength medicine for heartburn, migraines, headaches etc. He said I was gluten intolerant, lactose intolerant and likely had gestational diabetes.

I had so many pills and so many side effects from the pills. Not only that but he put me on a daily antibiotic for my whole pregnancy to suppress a constant Urinary Tract Infection. He also told me I seemed "tired" and prescribed sleeping aids without me mentioning anything.

Fast forward to this pregnancy and a new doctor. I've worked full time the entire time. I haven't used any anti-nausea medicine. Or any other medicine for that matter. I've BARELY (knock on wood) used Tums.

My doctor is so good about saying "that's normal" and not recommending I take any kind of medicine. Just his reassurance has made me feel about a million times better about any symptom I've had that has seemed weird. He is also very reassuring when it comes to how this pregnancy is going-he is always telling us how "happy" he is with my stats and where things have gone.

We are 3/4 of the way done so here's hoping things keep looking up and going well.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Third Trimester Update

We are officially in the Third Trimester!

-My Sciatic nerve pain is not nearly as bad as it was, thank goodness!

-My appetite has returned, much to my dismay ;) I crave Cocoa Puffs, Mac and Cheese and Ice Water.

-I am sleeping like a baby thanks to my miraculous pregnancy pillow, which is WAY better than the one I had with Tai. (Not counting bathroom breaks, those are the worst.)

-I am starting to feel a little "weighed down" because the baby is so low on my hips. I have gained less than 10 pounds in this pregnancy so far.

-I am feeling TONS of movement. Colton and Tai have both felt the baby move, and I can see a lot of kicks from outside. 

-We still have no idea on a name.

-We have purchased all the baby supplies we could need and more. We just need to decorate the nursery and go through Tai's old clothes. (I also need to stop buying baby clothes!) 

-I'm still working full time, and commuting about 40 minutes each way. It hasn't been as bad as we had originally thought. We are considering building or buying in Heber to stay close to my family. With a new baby we will need all the help we can get!

-We had a doctors check up yesterday. He said my weight gain is great, my blood pressure and vitals all look good, and he's happy with how everything is going. He even okay'd our Lake Powell trip in July, AND said I could ride the speed boat ;) 

-I'm a little ornery. My mama bear has come out a few times. I sleep a lot more and I come home at the end of the day pretty much done. Colton is sweet and usually gives me dinner on the couch while I try and keep my eyes open for half of an episode of The Bachelorette.

Overall, i'm doing really well. Colton will tell you WITH NO DOUBT, this pregnancy has been a million times easier than Tai's was. Here's hoping we can get through this last little stretch without any big hiccups!