Monday, March 7, 2016

Cha Cha Cha Change.

We have big changes coming in our little family, and I've been pretty anxious about it.

I currently work in Provo and commute everyday from Heber. My company has recently built a brand new building in Lehi, and the company will be moving at the end of April. For a while now we have been battling the decision to potentially move to Lehi or to stay in Heber.
The New Building

The Cons of staying in Heber for me are a long commute and {even more} time away from my family. Colton also loves the idea of being in a bigger city. An MMA gym would be a huge plus for him, and he has family and friends that live closer to Lehi.

The Cons of moving to Lehi are that I don't like big cities and Lehi is quickly exploding. We would be a lot farther away from my family (and our built in babysitters Robin and Grace.) I love the small town feel of Heber, and being close to my parents and friends. I don't even mind the drive from Provo every day. (Thanks to my commute I recently finished the entire Harry Potter series on audio, and it was blissful.)

I have told myself that I wouldn't make a decision until I actually made the commute for a period of time, but I also am getting anxious. I feel like Lehi is really growing at a fast rate, and the house prices are skyrocketing. We are lucky to be in a position where we will be able to rent out our current house as an investment property, and buy a second home in Lehi. I am really excited about this possibility, but also anxious because it means finding good renters, and possibly having my beautiful Heber home thrashed.

All in all we have a lot of hard decisions to make, but I feel grateful everyday that we are in the position we are, and for an amazing job that is taking me (kicking and screaming) to Lehi.