Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Our Little Boy Blue is due January 28th, 2012. 4 months. 122 days. Wait, what?
This little guy is already our everything, and he hasn't even made his entrance.
And yes, it will be an entrance, look at his parents. 

Let me back up. From the day we are old enough to comprehend, we understand that there is an ORDER to life. A way it  has to be lived.

Kindergarten. Elementary School. Middle School. High School. College. Job. Dating. Engaged. Married. BABY.

We are just doing things a little differently. Life threw us a curve ball, and we took five really quick steps forward. Really quick. 

Welcome to Relocating, Job Hunting, Apartment Searching and Furniture Buying.
Maternity Pants, Changing Stations and Tiny Baby Shoes.

Here's a shout out to my sweetheart Colton. Who in two weeks packed up his life, quit a job he loved, left his friends, his family, his MMA gym and his whole life and moved four hours away to be with "the family he made." Who single handedly packed up his entire belongings, and mine, and moved them into a little studio apartment, all while turning the air conditioning off and on according to my pregnant crazy needs.

 "If i'm hot, I take clothes off. If she is hot, the air conditioning goes on.
If i'm cold. I put more clothes on. If she's cold, the heater is on."
-Colton (explaining the order of life in our house)