Monday, January 18, 2016

Disneyland 2016

Matai is about to turn 4 and we have been talking for a month about what he wanted to do to celebrate. His answer: "Cars Cake and Tickets" (Tai speak for "the same thing we did last year: Chuck E Cheese.)

We really wanted to mix it up though (and our house is too small to host that many kids and parents), so we looked into bouncy houses, swimming pools and other party rentals. We kept coming to the same conclusion: After renting out a party room, buying food, cake, decorations and gifts, we would be well over $300. For two hours.

I started looking into Disneyland packages, and realized we could fly out to California for just over $300 using Allegiant Air. Combine that with having a brother who lives in SoCal (and an awesome "SoCal Resident" Discount) and a free place to stay, and we are looking at a 4 day Disney Vacation for 3 people for under $800.

The BEST part is, Tai is FINALLY at the magical 40" height range where he can ride almost every ride in both parks (including the Radiator Springs Racers ride that has caused many tears in the last few trips to Disney.)

We are so excited to fly on a plane for the first time as a family, and enjoy a few days away from the day to day grind.