Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Life As A Mama

Why do moms even bother getting dressed? Haha.

By 8 am I have poop, pee, milk, spit up, baby products and food on myself and I feel like a slob. My baby is constantly grabbing my hair and yanking it from whatever ponytail I have managed (so that's why the mom bob is in.)

I HATE the way breastmilk feels on clothes, and my baby likes to take big gulps, swallow a little, drool a lot out onto me and himself. It's excellent.

Not to mention the fact that EVERY diaper is a blowout! Any suggestions on your favorite kind? We just moved up a size and also are on our third luck. I am at this point laying him on a triple layer towel when he sleeps/sits/eats. We have washed our sheets three times in 4 days...

His clothes are loving the stains..

A few things I know for sure:

-We both want to move up North, our families miss him too much and we miss our families!!!

-Regardless, we need to find somewhere else to live, with a washer and dryer! It's gotten ridiculous going down three flights of stairs in the Snow multiple times a day and PAYING to dry our clothes three times just to get them dry.

-I love my sweet son, and regardless of the state of my wardrobe, every little stain is worth it.


  1. What I did to prevent breast milk getting all over my clothes were my nursing pads that I was wearing right before feeding and put them under his mouth on top of my bra. Make sense??

    Exploding diapers my favorite have been huggies. pricey though. So coupons and sales are my friend. Lately though, the smith's brand have been way cheaper with no explosions. Have you checked into cloth diapers? Those things hardly ever explode.

    For the stains. My trick has always been the shout stain remover spray. I live by that. It has taken out some set in stains or at least made them a lot less noticeable. I do rinse out in cold water first if I am able to.

  2. We love Huggies. The little snugglers are the best for that little. But any of the huggies diapers have worked for us really well. We HATED luvs...they suck. Also the target brand isn't too bad either.

    The breast milk...I just put a burp cloth over my bra as he was eating and that caught most of the milk, and nursing pads work good too! Good luck!

  3. I used a lot of breast pads in the beginning but they are wonderful to stop milk from getting on clothes. i have a full box i never used if you want them. they are kind of expensive even at Walmart. We use the Costco brand diapers and even with her blowouts they did pretty well considering. We have used Huggies cause that's what we got at the baby shower, but for Sydney Costco brand is my fav.