Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Feeling Guilty

I can't stop feeling guilty about giving Tai bottles. I don't know why!

He has 100% breast milk. Never formula. He always has a bottle ready for him when he's hungry, and since it's supposed to be room temperature for him to eat, I can keep a bottle on the dresser before we go to bed, wake up when he whines and give it to him without moving him.

I pump every four hours or so, and store milk for him, and I feed him almost all of his bottles (sometimes daddy asks to.)

But I still feel like a bad mom for not nursing him completely. It's not that I wouldn't, I just can't do it without help.

Maybe it's a bonding thing, and I feel like I'm not giving him bonding time, but I just feel awful about it.

I mean he is still getting the best nutrition, just not directly, so why do I guilt myself?

Anyone else have this experience or advice?


  1. You are doing your best. That is how I felt when I went back to AFCU after Enorah. It gets better with time. Your baby blues might be getting the best of you. Chin up!

  2. I never nursed Chloe. Not really. I tried for a couple of weeks when she was in the NICU, but then the doctors said she would get bigger faster with formula, thereby getting home faster. After that I got sick a few times and my milk would dry up and it was torture trying to make it come back. Eventually the supply was gone and I started feeding her formula at four months. Bottle or breast, natural or C-section, you are a GREAT mother because you love your baby and want what is best for him. Don't let anyone make you feel guilty...not even yourself.

  3. The more often you pump or nurse, the more milk you will get. It's not something to feel guilty over. I have inverted nipples so that was a joke trying to get him to latch. I had to use a nipple shield (which fixes EVERY latching problem) so if you look into it, you'll be able to breastfeed no problem.