Thursday, February 9, 2012

Miracle Diet

I lost 30 pounds this week. Totally a miracle diet. Or maybe just a miracle in general :)

Bad news: major kidney infection. I wasn't feeling well at all, so I went in and wallah! They try and admit me to the hospital. But no can do. This little lady has things to do, so we compromised on a couple antibiotic injections and 5 pills a day...yum.

Antibiotics + baby makes me nervous! But it's better than mommy in the ER.

Also, a lactation nurse told me that if I don't nurse baby, and pump, I will lose my milk. Gahhhhh. So we are back to trying to nurse. Poor little man. Gets so frustrated trying to latch. But we did it once today! About to try again when he wakes...

Send your prayers our way, it's a battle!

Oh. This is the innocent face he gave me after he peed on me, himself and three feet up the wall...

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