Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Big Little Question

I grew up with a form of dwarfism called Pseudoachondroplasia. False dwarfism to be exact. It means my torso and head are regular length, but my limbs (Arms and legs) are short in proportion.

I have had multiple surgeries in my life (staples in my knees, pelvic osteotomy) to correct problems associated with this condition. My mother also has the condition, along with her mother.

My moms siblings ALL have the condition. Some smaller than others. Along with many of their children.

Although the condition is said to be 50/50, it has seemed more prominent than that, 4 of my parents 5 children have it. (My brother Curtis is 6' 2")

That being said, when Colton and I found out we were expecting, we immediately knew there was a chance MaTai would be little. This of course did not affect our decision in having him.

Although it has been quite a big question with his family as to whether or not Tai would be little, it has never been an issue. We all want to know what we are in for, and what this little boy will face.

His family doesn't totally understand the condition, but they are slowly learning that it would not in anyway affect our children mentally, only physically. It has taken a lot of patience to answer the questions and curiosity of others (some have been asked multiple times.)

The fact is, we won't know for several years Tai's prognosis. We wont know for sure until he walks and starts getting more ambulatory.

But I will make something clear.

It does not matter. It will never matter. It will never change how we feel about our son. It will never change our love, and no matter what happens, we will get through it, just like my parents did.

Colton has never made my height an issue. It's part of why I love him. He sees past it. He will never make our sons height an issue, whether he is 6' 3" or 3' 6"

So I ask my friends, family, acquaintances, look past the differences TODAY. Teach your children to accept them. Show them it really doesn't matter. Either way.

It just doesn't.

Don't make the 'little things' an issue. He's a beautiful little boy, who will accomplish amazing things in his life and who is an absolute miracle.

I want him to be treated as such.

We are just a little tired of being asked that little question. Because it's not a BIG deal.


  1. That would be so frustrating! Who cares if he's "little" or not! He's adorable no matter what!

  2. I love this post. You can bet my kids will be taught to see past these kinds of things. You are such a cute mom, little Tai is so lucky to have you!