Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Baby's Day Out

My in laws came down to St. George this weekend with Colton's grandparents to stay in the condo and see our baby boy. It was the first time Yaya and Great-Grandpa saw him, so it was a big event, especially because Colton is SO close to his grandparents.

It was a tough weekend for me. A week and a half out of having a baby, going from always having him to myself to sharing him for two days was TOUGH. I am so protective of my little guy right now and hate to have him away from me. Even having other people holding him was hard for me.

It was also very hard to be away from home, trying to pump and breastfeed and get the rest I needed to. It might have been too early for the whole ordeal, and I was in tears on Colton's shoulder by the end of the night. It was supposed to be relaxing, but I was just stressed the whole time, and tired, and wanting to snuggle my baby. I didn't feel very well and I wanted to just sleep in and relax. (Savannah, Colton's sister, made sure that was NOT an option by pounding on the door right after I got baby to sleep.)

We spent the weekend eating good food, and went to Don Pedros the first night we got there. Baby hadn't been out like that before, but he stayed WELL covered with multiple blankets and a carseat cover, he slept through the whole thing. Colton is so funny about that. Random old ladies would come up and want to see the baby and Colton would just flat out tell them no. I told him "You are so rude!...Good job."

My in laws are great, Colts dad got our windshield wipers replaced and filled the car with gas, which was such a blessing. Colt's mom is constantly trying to help me relax and asking what treats I want. :) She is a sweetheart and I enjoy being around her. His grandma is a funny lady, (there was a big fiasco about her putting salt in the sugar container and both Colton and Shane (his dad) had some very salty coffee. His granddad is a sweetheart and I always love to see him, the love he has for Yaya, and his whole family is so sweet.

It's funny because his family is still stepping around what exactly to call me. Yaya flat out calls me his wife. Jana will say "wifey" or skips around the title. Shane just flat out says girlfriend. No one quite knows what title to give me because girlfriend sounds so off, and wife isn't official yet. (For the record my mom just flat out says husband to Colton. She has been doing that for months.)

We love getting out, and spending time with family, and it was good to see them, but maybe next time we will wait a few more weeks before accepting vacation invites :)

My parents are coming down this weekend to see the baby, of course. Luckily they will be staying in town so I can rest and relax a little more.
In Laws :)

Jana And I 

First Family Picture :)

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