Wednesday, February 22, 2012


When I was pregnant with Tai I craved chocolate milk, oranges, apples, fruit, yogurt, fruit juice, dried fruit, "health food."

I wanted home cooked meals from mom (stew, soup, chicken and rice) good stuff for my tummy.

Of course I would have random cravings for chocolate ice cream or brownies, but mostly I ate like a bird and mostly wanted health food.

Fast forward to now.

Chocolate, Doritos, Burgers and Fries, Pizza, Pie. Get that apple the HELL away from my face. Haha.

Poor Colton is even losing his six pack.

This is not what I need with my tiger striped after c section tummy. (Colton has taken to purring at me like a cat.)

No exercise for 6 weeks with a glued c section incision. And being home alone all day bored (while my babe sleeps 20 hours a day) makes food seem very friendly. And people stocking our fridge every weekend when we have visitors and family makes it so our cupboards are all filled with junk.

Breastfeeding make me starve.


Fatty fat fatness=me.

My energy is coming back a little bit, (the energy to clean/leave the house/walk around) so I'm going to try being a better wifey and making healthy meals for my honey and myself...


Any techniques for stretch mark removal? My stomach looks awful...

(He thinks it's hiLlArIouS)

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  1. They eveennnntually fade? I have just noticed they go from red to...white. and just in time for you to have another one. ;) I have some Palmer's Stretch mark cream I rub on with my *fingers crossed* just in case. but I just laugh bitterly every time I see the Palmer's Cocoa butter ads with the pregnant woman with a spotless tummy: "Palmer's works. I'm the proof."