Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Parenting and Pure Stupidity

As I sit here feeding my babe (pumped breastmilk, the battle with latching continues.) I think about the care that he gets.

I feel like I'm a good mom. I put his needs first, am awake at the first sign I'm needed and put his comfort and cleanliness above my own. (Colton came out of a diaper change with poop on his nose today. It was a brutal blowout.)

I make sure my baby gets the best no matter what.

[Enter my feelings/opinions on other people.]

Other people make me MAD.

Inconsiderate people who don't wash their hands before holding baby. Who walk up and stick their unwashed fingers in his mouth because it's cute to feel him suck (are you serious?) Who have the audacity to ask to visit him or show up at the door when their Facebook status says something like "My family is so sick. Three of the four of us have a way bad virus."

Don't parent my baby the way you think is best. (Adding or removing layers of clothing, changing outfits, giving unsolicited advice on my current methods.)

Good hell.

Even with hospital staff, I was shocked at the minimum thought given to his care. One nurse took him for tests just as he messed a diaper. She said she would change him after he finished. An hour later when he was back with us and the doctor came to check him for skin rashes, there was dried poop on his bum. Just smears here and there that she didn't clean. Seriously?!

Another nurse took him to get tests (he was fully dressed with his hands in mittens) and brought him back with scratches all over his face because she had stripped him down and let him scratch his face up.

Needless to say, it's hard to trust other people with my most prized possession. I can fall asleep soundly if he is with my mom. Or Colton. They both love him endlessly.

But other people? Back it up. No babysitting duties for you! And get your dirty fingers out of my baby's mouth. I don't care if you have clean hands and a masters degree in good parenting, you are pissing off mama bear.

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  1. I could not agree more! I hate when people try to tell me how to be a mom or what i need to do! It's my child I'll do what I want with him! Just do what you think is best for him and you and if you have'll ask people!