Monday, February 6, 2012

The Wall

I have officially hit it.

Trying to be super mama and make a super recovery is hard work. And last night, I was done.

I was so exhausted that my body was forgetting to breathe when I slept. I kept waking up out of breath and light headed. I thought I was a freak until my cousin told me she had the same thing happen to her. Guess it's more naps for me.

Tai is having a really hard time latching on and feeding right now. I've already been blessed with huge boulders ;) so add milk and a tiny mouth and it makes for a very frustrated baby and mama. We spend as much time trying to latch him as we do with him actually eating. It makes me and him so stressed and doubles the exhaustion levels.

We will keep trying but most likely I am going to pump milk and bottle feed my sweetie.

As for now, baby is in his crib and daddy is armed with pumped milk to feed his son. Nap time. :)

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