Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Apartment hunting

Colton and I went aparment hunting today with the baby in tow. We are looking for a place that has a washer and dryer, because it has gotten really hard to depend on Colton to get it done when he works so much and it's a process to come up and down three flights of stairs. Plus it gets expensive and overly time consuming as the dryers suck!

We also are looking for something on the ground level so I don't have to climb stairs with baby and it's easier to get in and out for me.

We would LOVE to have some/all utilities included, possible cable tv/internet, and other ammenities.

We found one place that is $465 a month, has a gym, a pool, a big park, 2 bedrooms, lots of storage and the ability to rent television for $25.00 a month. That is a big plus for me because I get super bored at home, plus with the pool and gym there's things for me to do and fun for us as a family and with visitors. Plus it's ground level and the pool is right behind the apartment! There are washer dryer hook ups (we have to buy them though) and it's close to one of Colton's jobs and our good friends Mic and Whit.

We looked at another place that was the same price range, with our current landlords, but the hookups are in an awkward place (middle of the kitchen.) There are however coin laundry machines the next door over and it's all ground level so I could do it myself. There are also 2 rooms, 2 big bathrooms, tons of storage, a large kitchen, large living room and a park outside.

(It's also next to our old psycho neighbor who worships trees.)

So the first apartment is very amazing, but the idea of moving right now sucks, and it's a little bit smaller and on the other end of town, so Colton couldn't come home for lunch...decisions decisions...

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