Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I am a lucky girl to have a guy like Colton by my side.
He is a hard worker, who never complains about going to work or taking on extra hours.
He is up every night with me for every diaper change and feeding.
(At 3 am this morning he was keeping me company while I pumped. Totally unnecessary, but very much appreciated.)
At 7 am he got up, changed baby's diaper, warmed a bottle for him, and then got ready for work.
All with smile on his face.

I love that he wakes with a smile because he's helping his baby boy.
I love how he comes home on his lunch break and changes a diaper or feeds baby or just cuddles up next to us.

He is so dedicated to his family and his son.
I am so grateful for him, I don't know if I could do what he does.

He is constantly saying how beautiful our son is, and how he "can't believe" we created such a beautiful peaceful little creature.
He is so helpful around the house, constantly cleaning up and organizing things while I recover, or asking to hold the baby while I sleep.

Basically, I have the best Valentine ever (two to be exact.)

We are making a steak dinner tonight, with some fantastic sides...And watching a romantic movie. 
I also have a whooooooooole lot of chocolate that my sweetie bought me home.
This mama isn't leaving her baby with anyone for awhile. So date nights are IN.

On a side note:

Everyone is telling me how much Tai looks like Colton. I still can't see it (or any resemblance to anyone) which I guess is common with new moms. I kept calling Tai my whitey baby until I saw this picture of him and his dad cuddling. He is totally darker than his daddy. Little brown Colton :)


  1. I LOVE that picture I wish I could see that beautiful little baby! I think Jenna and I are going to need to make a trip sometime. It's super nice to have someone so helpful. James is the same. Sounds like Colton fits the Dad role pretty naturally. Way to go Colt

  2. Such a sweet picture! So glad you guys are all doing well!