Tuesday, February 28, 2012

First Date

Tonight we went out on our first date since Tai was born. Wingers has a great dinner and a movie deal for $26.00 and we took full advantage of it with our good friends Mic and Whitney. We love hanging out with them and needed a night out.

And by night out I mean we took our newborn to The Vow. Haha.

Colton and I had a bet. I told him Tai would sleep through all of dinner and the movie. Colton said I was crazy to attempt a movie with him and he would be scared of the dark noises. But we decided that it would be okay and the boys would take him out if he started getting noisy.

He slept through the whole thing, mom won.
We also were the only ones in the theatre, so it wouldn't have mattered regardless.

I didn't like the Vow, to be honest. Well, I didn't like the ending, I wanted to see the love fall back into place, it ended weird to me.

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