Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pregnancy Facts:

Dear Baby Tai,

This pregnancy has been crazy, and it's almost over. Let me tell you how our life is going right now.

My feet are so swollen I can barely walk. My toes don't touch the ground. Daddy thinks it's HILARIOUS.(But then feels bad and gives me foot rubs.)

 But then Daddy saw on youtube that it's possible to start labor with a foot massage. Now he freaks out every time I ask him for one. He wants to pack a hospital bag first.

My hands just started swelling this week, I had to take off my ring dad gave me :( I was very sad and have changed its location multiple times because I keep convincing myself I will lose it.

We now sleep with what dad calls "an army of pillows." That means that I get 5 and he gets 1.
It also means that when we wake up in the morning, dad has a pillow between his knees and one for "back support." (He thinks he's pregnant too.)

Dad also tries to feel you in his sleep. He will roll over and start pulling off my blankets and trying to find my stomach, but is completely asleep. Sometimes he talks to you, sometimes he just laughs as he feels you moving and kicking him, sometimes he just acts protective and possessive.

I have to pee every twenty minutes. You are sitting RIGHT on my bladder all the time and you are now determining how I sit, lay and walk. I will be laying on one side and be perfectly find and then I'll flip to the other and feel like i'm going to pee my pants. Thanks :) Not that I roll around very often, that's like running a marathon.

I also can't drive anymore. My belly touches the steering wheel and it is way unsafe so dad has banned me from all driving privileges.

I have a dark line down my stomach that dad thinks is so cool. On multiple occasions he has volunteered to show people, because its THAT cool. (He got in trouble and stopped doing that.)

Every time you move my whole stomach moves, it is so creepy, you are like a little alien. Dad feels it and still can't believe you are that strong! I see pictures of babies born at 37 weeks and am shocked that you are so ready and grown! Just chilling inside mom. Whenever I have cramps or anything and tell you to calm down and relax, dad yells "RELEASE HIM." He also calls me three times a day from work to see if I'm in labor, (he really wants to get out of work.)

My belly button is completely flat, but hasn't popped out. Dad is pretty bummed about that. He monitored its progress for months before admitting defeat.

I have a tiger striped stomach. Thanks to my growing little guy. Weirdly enough I got all the stretch marks when I was only 6 weeks along and was still skinny. And haven't gotten many since then, even with you growing so much. So now my stretch marks just stretch more. Lovely.

I frequently take the laptop into the bathroom and sit in the bathtub with some ice cream while I catch up on my TV shows. I realize that is a very pregnant thing to do, but since i'm basically on bed rest at this point it mixes up the day.

I take a lot of naps. Dad has a 6th sense for when I'm napping. He will leave me alone all day and the second I fall asleep he will start texting me to check up on us. And if I don't respond (because i'm sleeping) he proceeds to text over and over and then call a few times. Even if I tell him i'm napping, he only leaves me alone for an hour, and then texts me again to say "hi."

Dad also thinks you are going to born a 5 year old. He told me today his plans of taking you to the gym two days after you are born. I told him no without even looking up.

He also thinks that all baby things are "gay" and "not manly" and thus freaks out every time I try and buy you something or set something up. For example, you can't have a bassinet because they are too lacy and girly. He also thinks that wooden cribs are made for boys or girls. Today we bought a "boy" crib.  Also all the baby animals/ducks/cars etc are "gay." Your dad thinks you should wear gym shorts, sweatshirts and graphic tees like him. He also freaks out when he sees outfits that look like "dresses."

Dad told me today he is almost as excited for me to be back to his normal sweetheart as he is for you to get here. I told him he will lose the hormone rage and just get lack of sleep rage...poor guy. But he combats my moods well with ice cream, chocolate and naps. I get grounded to the room to sleep off my ornery ways.

Regardless, we can't wait to meet you, we know our lives will never be the same, but in the best way possible!

We love you MaTai.

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