Thursday, January 19, 2012

38 Weeks

1 cm dilated.
40 % effaced.
Membranes stripped.

100 % miserable :)

After another scare of high blood pressure, and a couple late night hospital visits, I'm ready to be done.

I went in after checking my blood pressure at home, it was extremely high.
We were told to go into labor and delivery, where I was given lortab, a warm blanket and a quiet room to sit in. A half hour into lala land they took my blood pressure, (around my elbow might I add) saying it was "close to normal." well duh. I was prety damn relaxed by then. ridiculous.

My mom was here for four days, helping to clean, organize, food shop and prepare for this little guy. It wore me out but also left me dying to have baby here. The pantry is organized, the guest room is clean, the closets are in perfect order. Babes clothes are clean and folded. {nesting complete}

Any ideas on getting this baby out faster? :)

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