Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Anxiously Waiting...

It's about 9:30 PM, we are sitting on the couch, watching bones, hoping the time passes quickly.
At midnight, they will start the induction and by morning we should be meeting our sweet little boy.

We had a doctors appointment this morning. I'm still 1 cm dilated and 40% effaced. Cervix is high and firm.
Totally sucky. I'm dreading having nurses check me tonight, because they have a way difficult time reaching my cervix and measuring, so I get impaled every freaking time, and it HURTS.

Looking forward to that all night long.

So basically, as I understand they will give me Cytotec when I arrive, and after 3 hours will check to see if the strong contractions caused by this drug have dilated me far enough. If they have, they will start Pitocin, if not, its another Cytotec pill, and another three hour wait. After the initial 6 hours (fast forward to 6/7 am tomorrow) my doctor will come in, check me and make the call from there. If I have dilated to a 6 and am moving along reasonably, he will continue letting me labor, if not he will send me in for a c-section.

Doctor thinks the chances of me even being able to dilate on my own past a 6 are extremely low, as my pelvis is so small, and babies head is so big that he won't be able to help me progress. So i'm hoping for the best but preparing for whatever is healthiest and safest for my baby boy.

That being said, I am having pretty bad contractions right now! What the...someone needs to tell this baby he's running on the late side ;) But I hope they are true contractions because if he is ready to come out, then this will be an easier transition for the little guy.

My parents are on their way down right now, with my little sisters in tow. (The girls were originally going to stay home until the weekend but they were sad about waiting. Grace actually specified that she would stay home but NO ONE was allowed to send her pictures of the baby. She needed to see him with her own eyes.)

Colt's parents originally weren't coming until the weekend, to give me the space I needed to recover. But I talked to Jana tonight and they are anxious to come down. Shane (Colt's dad) kept calling her saying "why are we not on our way down there?!" So I told them we would love to have them down, and Colton is really, really happy to have his parents right here too. He needs the support and misses his sister, Savannah. (Who promises to be nice to the baby, even though she generally dislikes them because they are "rule breakers.")

So we are glad to have both sides sharing this exciting time with us, and we are so so excited and anxious to get the little guy here. (Colton was so anxious he got sent home from work to spend time with his wifey and prepare for the hospital. He ran in the house, woke me up from a nap I needed badly, to tell me he came home to help me relax...He was in trouble.)

But he did take me to Sizzler for dinner and a final date before baby gets here. I picked at pineapple, mandarins, cucumbers, potatoes and ice cream...pathetic right? He ate a massive steak and insisted on sitting right next to me at the booth. He really is a sweetie. After dinner we went on a nice drive and enjoyed each others company, it was much needed.

We came home, he ran me a nice bath, rubbed my feet, and got me comfy on the couch to watch Netflix and cuddle. He does alright :)

Holy cow my contractions are getting bad. What the heck? This baby is coming one way or another I guess.

Thanks to everyone for the constant support and love, we are overwhelmed with the help we have gotten from so so many people, it has been the biggest and most appreciated blessing. I will be sending out cards with babies picture on it, and notes to all of you, so again, thank you, and you WILL be hearing from our little family soon.

As for updates, birth stories, pictures, etc. I will have Colton post stats on here (if I can get his eyes of the baby) from my Iphone. Luckily we have an app for that ;) so it's as easy as sending a text message. I will also try and update everyone if I get a free minute or some time while feeding the babe.

Love you all :) Pray for the best!


  1. Mary you are amazing! Good luck! I'm so excited for you! your life is about to change drastically for the best! You will love being a mom! So excited to see pictures!

  2. You've got this, Mare!! Good luck! I can't wait to see his sweet face!

  3. Good look Mary, everything will be okay. You are going to have the sweetest family ever.