Saturday, January 28, 2012

Its Our Due Date

We were in the hospital all day.
This child is stubborn.

Actually. No. My cervix is stubborn.

I woke up this morning to what felt like a trickle of water. I woke Colton up, he said "let's wait it out" (he was just wanting more sleep...brat.) So I waited, slept, woke up to stronger contractions and pain, and called the nurse. She said pack and head in.

So i called my mom to let her know we were gonna go check it out. Just as a heads up. And not to do anything yet.

I started researching "unfavorable cervixes" and basically got the idea that I am screwed.

Lots of stories about being in labor 24+ hours and then being rushed into an emergency c-section.

Yup. The odds are totally in my favor.

Usually, with this problem, contractions won't make the cervix ripen, or dilate. So even if I'm in labor, my body won't progress at all.

Today, with contractions 1-2 minutes apart and my water possibly leaking, my cervix still hadn't done ANYTHING. Except maybe gone backwards.

After impaling me with her hand, The nurse told me with a smile that my cervix was nice, tight, thick and firm.

If you haven't been pregnant, I have news for you.

If anyone is using those words when talking about your 40 week pregnant cervix, You will want to punch them in the face.

Nice, tight and firm should be used to describe many things, like abs, or your butt or your skinny jeans.

Not a cervix on your due date.

So they sent me home to wait it out. Wait for more pain, stronger contractions, longer duration. Anything to "maybe" help me dilate before induction.

No such luck. The doctor says that even with strong labor inducing drugs, pitocin and cytotec, I still am unlikely to progress fast enough to have this baby naturally.

So we are gonna try on Tuesday, unless these contractions get worse. And if it doesn't work, a C-section it is.

Good news is, my mom told my dad that we were going into the hospital. My dad insisted that they rush down here, baby or not. Now my belly is full of warm stew (my craving) and brownies (coltons craving.) The house is clean, my feet are up, and I'm all tucked in.

Plus I get my mom till baby is here :)

So if you feel like praying, say a prayer for my stubborn, no good, dirt rotten cervix. Who keeps canceling out my perfectly good labor contractions in order to make me miserable.

I also apologize for saying cervix 8 times in this post.


  1. Ahhh!!! Your baby is comin!! :) But to help you endure some hours of lounging between contractions, I tagged you in a post on my blog! Check it out chica!

  2. Oh Mary. I wish we could have been pregnant at the same time. We could have bitched together. Haha LOVE you!