Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nursery Update!

We have wanted to have a space for guests since both families are far away and both are first time grandparents. This keeps it so visits aren't expensive hotel room trips and I love having family here.

We were recently blessed with a new bed, a HUGE bed to our standards. It's miraculous. So after much debate we decided to switch rooms with the baby (ours was so much bigger and we only had a bed in it) and make the master room a guest room and nursery.

At first Colton was not having it, he is so territorial and wants his baby to have his own room. He wanted to DI our smaller bed and just move the queen in our room. Luckily I convinced him of the benefits of having a guest bed, and we came to the decision that we would sleep in babies room when guests came over and they could have our new bed. He liked this plan.

So my mom was awesome and came down and helped me get all settled, and move rooms back and forth. Colton and I finished it this week and we think it's gorgeous!

There's still a few bits and pieces to add, (theres a quote that goes above his crib we are waiting for, and the toy box is on its way with grandma)
but tell us what you think!

Tai's Crib, it is going to have a cute quote over it, I can't wait.
We are also wanting to decorate letters for his name in greens, and blues,
to put over his changing table or on the dresser, but my energy levels are day!
Still looking for something to go above the changing table, his toys
are currently displayed on it, as well as some art Colt made for our room
that I need to move :) Also we still need to buy a changing pad..ha.
I LOVE this part of the room. It's so bright and colorful, and we love
the little tree! I'm hoping to make a bird mobile for MaTai's bed.
Tai doesn't have a crib set (yet? ever? haha) but we got him this
cute sheet that matches all the birds and the bedding on the guest bed.
He also has a bunch of soft blankets that match the crib sheets, we love it.

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