Wednesday, January 11, 2012

37 weeks!

We went into the doctors today for a checkup. Ive been having contractions for 3 days straight, ouch.

Doctor checked me, still no dilation :( How does that work, all pain, no progress! Bad news is because of high blood pressure and protein, our doctor suspects preeclampsia.

I hate that doctors plant words and ideas in your head and then just say "we'll watch it" take all these tests for me and come back tomorrow. It makes
me nervous and I don't known what's going on or what to prepare for!

We were in the office for 3 hours doing fetal monitoring, ultrasounds, fluid checks, pelvic exams, blood samples, you name it.

I have to go back in on Friday, and collect all urine for 24 hours. it's quite a process. (yuck!) Do they understand how many times a day a pregnant women pees? :)

I still can't believe this is happening so fast.

We also have to pick a pediatrician ASAP. Does anyone in Cedar recommend a good one?

Any recommendations on what to pack, advice for the hospital or how to get this moving along, please please let me know. My anxiety is crazy right now!

Guess we will pack a bag, clean the house, and eat brownies for lunch ;) Yes, they are in the oven!

P.S. Nursery's finished!


  1. That does not sound fun at all! I'm so sorry Mary! I hope things start progressing for you! Just keep thinking of the end result of all of this! You can do it!

  2. Cute nursery!! I can't wait for our little guys to come! So close!!