Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Finishing touches

It seems like every time I think we are done getting ready, someone reminds me of something I need to go get.

Newborn diapers (because we got a tonnn of size ones but no newborn) and no one knows how long or if he will use them.

Bottles and pacifiers-again, we don't know what he will like or use!

Hygiene stuff- yup I'm a bad mama. This babe needs lotion and diaper rash cream and body wash and shampoo. I read an article saying Johnson & Johnson was just sued for having formaldehyde in all their products. What??? So now I don't know what to get! Any advice or thoughts?

Nursery decoration-if any of you are crafty, this mobile is calling my name. Looks easy enough right? (but I suck)

Also I want to attempt to make letters for his name for above his crib, but again, I am NOT crafty..

Bad mom alert.

Changing pad- these things are pricey! Yuck.

A Boppy- I've heard these are amazing for babies to sit in. I have an awesome breastfeeding pillow, but this ones more for baby, if you are done with yours, hit me up :)

Crib bedding-which is hard to find, over priced, and thanks to super involvoooooo man (aka Colton, he's like a psychotic superhero) none of the ones we find are right. They are all too girly, too gay, too jungle, too frilly, or "seizure inducing."

"Is that giraffe smiling? No. Hell no. My son will not be emasculated by something as BARBARIC as a smiling giraffe!"

Welcome to my life. He also hides stuffed animals.

And you don't want to know the trauma that ensued when he saw lace on the bassinet. Lace. (It is now in a bag, waiting to be sold) anyone need one?

Also, Tai has a tummy time sheep to lay on that is adorable, Colton found it, wore it as a cape for several hours while talking like a mountain man and then proceeded to hide it somewhere also.

And now you can see why our nursery is yet to be finished.

Moms, what products do you suggest/not suggest? Let me know!

Also, I am looking for a photographer for newborn photos, one that is reasonably priced and accessible. Any thoughts?


  1. Keep the lacey stuff for the bassinet so you don't have to buy it if you have a girl. Sorry I can't give advice on anything else.


  2. My pediatrician reccomends Aveeno soaps and lotions. Love them, but super expensive:/

  3. Ha, lexi, the bassinet is trimmed with lace, it can't be removed. It's actually a boys bassinet too, trimmed in blue lace. Colt just thinks lace in general sucks. And we already have a bassinet so arguing with him over it was basically moot point.

  4. We use Aveeno Baby shampoo/body wash and lotion. Jensen broke out in rashes with Johnson&Johnson. You can get a 2 pack of big bottles of the baby wash at Sam's club for a reasonable price. (If you know of anyone that has a membership). We personally like A&D ointment for diaper rash stuff. He stays on a lot longer and works really well, but that's just us.
    As for a photographer, Jessica Lythgoe Anderson did our 1 year photo shoot and she does really good and her prices are good! Check her out. If you need any more help or advice or anything, let me know! Text me if you need me 435-671-2924

  5. i use the aveno lotion but I use the green baby magic (its at babies r us and target and i think thats it) but its amazing and smells very good