Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sick baby

Let's talk about something I think is a complete and total sin. And selfish to

If you know you are sick, have been sick, or are getting sick, if you have been around someone who is sick, do not under ANY circumstances put yourself around a baby. Period.

This rule should cover putting yourself around ANYONE but especially a baby.

Nothing makes me more angry than when someone comes to my house, or invites me over, and then is sick. It is so inconsiderate.

People who try and hide being sick, that is even worse. I should smack you. Stifling your cough and taking a million cough drops does NOT make you less contagious. Period.

It's that moment when you sit down, hand someone your child and all the sudden hear them coughing out a lung or realize they sound stuffed up that makes me so mad.

I will tell you why. This sweet little boy, who I have tried to protect, is sick with a cold. He can't breathe, he won't eat, he is coughing his small little lungs out. And it's because he was exposed to someone who didn't bother mentioning they were sick and held him anyways. If you love him, don't be selfish-he doesn't deserve to get sick.

I am one ticked off mama. I have had a sad, fevered and sweaty little boy clinging to me for three days, and now I am sick too and it is rough.

I need to shower (badly.) I need to clean. I need to pay bills. But my little boy comes first and he needs his mama. That has meant constant supervision to make sure he can breathe and isn't boiling hot and gets a tiny bit of sleep clung to his mom.

So the moral of this story is, if you are sick, I don't care how badly you want to see my baby, or visit, let me know you have been sick or avoid holding this little boy.

I will never have more respect for you than if you tell me "sorry, we are sick, we will have to see you another day."

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  1. THANK YOU! I seriously want to punch a certain somebody of my own. Went to a family event, and next thing we know my baby has rsv. You couldn't just stay home or at least keep your Dang kid away from mine? My babe ended up with awful ear infection for two weeks, which cause the worse diaper rash I have EVER seen. Then we had to put him on the b.r.a.t's diet to get him back to solids. My kid had been sick for a whole dang month. Phew. That felt great to get off my chest.