Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Friends, Friends

Life has been a little chaotic lately, in a good way. We are finally starting to build a good group of friends in Cedar and that means I actually get a social life sometimes!

We have been doing dinner and a movie nights with Mic & Whitney, so far on the list, the Hunger Games and The Vow. Both of which were super fun and (Tai slept through both 4 hour dates, miracle baby.)

We love game nights with Sierra & Matt. Colton took 9 phases to learn Phase 10. He called it a learning curve,  I call it the kid is really bad at games.We put him on phase 7 (7 cards of one color) (aka the moron phase) just to make him feel better.

We don't see Houston & Andrea as much as we would like (working schedules never match) but we love hanging out and doing dinner and getting out with the kids.

Also, our good friend Brian is such a great sport and sometimes brings by a lucky lady. Seriously girls, if you want a sweet, kind hearted guy who sings and plays guitar and wants to settle down, let me know. He's a keeper!

It's nice to be around people in the same period of life as us. (Married with kids, or expecting kids, or at least like kids, haha.) There is a lot more to relate to, and you don't feel as bad when you have to stop playing a game to go feed a crying baby or change a diaper or tell your spouse off for being an I-D-I-O-T. (It happens.)

We love our friends and wouldn't be able to stay sane without them! It's amazing how once the honeymoon wears off it gets fun to just be around people and eat and talk. It makes crawling into bed together at the end of the night more fun and gives us things to reflect on. Everyone is different, every relationship is different, and sometimes it takes being around other people to appreciate each other.

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