Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Moms-Supplies

I've been wanting to put something up about what we used/didn't use because a lot of new moms ask me and I know I would have liked to know. (Not that we listen anyways, we think our babies need it all!)

This is total opinion and trial and error. I ignored everyone telling me what I needed/didn't need and then wished I had listened later! Haha. (if you moms want to add anything please let me know.)

First of all, invest in you! The first few months are HARD. You are messy and in pajamas and sweats and tank tops all the time. So get stuff you think is
Cute! Victoria's secret yoga pants, bright tank tops, aeropostale pink sparkly sweats ;) It will make you feel good, and girly, and you will need that!

Nursing bras should be an obvious but I didn't get one for several weeks after and they are lifesavers! So convenient! Have one for the hospital!

Here are a few things we loved:

If you have a smartphone, get a baby app! We used the free similaci?! one. It has counters for weight gain, feeding times/amounts, diaper changes, etc.. It's great while you are getting in a routine and helps when doctors ask questions about wet diapers and schedules. Also with feeding it counts how long they are eating. I lost track of time and amounts and everything in between. We also love our nature sounds app and nursery rhymes.

Do get an alarm clock. We don't have one (I use my cell) but we need one. It is easier to see what time you get up with baby and how often when it's huge and in your face.

Do invest in an automatic breast pump. We use ours all the time and it's convenient when you want to go to the store.

Do get some kind of mattress cover
for under you. Breastfeeding baby=milk all over the sheets. Plus spit up and the occasional accident when they poop while they eat.

Do get a stain remover spray and keep it on your changing table for when they have blowouts. Also a bucket of water with detergent is a must. (Many a cute outfit was ruined before we did this.)

Do return clothes you don't need. It's not worth it when they wear them once-and the extra store credit goes great towards diapers and stuff you need!
Trust me those outfits add up.

We personally love our changing table and use it for every change-some people told me not to bother but we love it. Especially if you are on one level, it makes it easy to have everything in the same place for each change.

Do get a Boppy or some kind of U shaped pillow. Tai eats on it, sleeps on it, sits up on it, has tummy time, and goes everywhere with it! It's wonderful.

Do buy a big container of sanitizer- and
keep it where people come in so it's easily accessible (we got given a big bottle-it was a great gift!)

Do get a nightlight! Or a touch lamp. Something that makes it easy to see baby and get up without turning on bright lights or making noise.
Do get things second hand! Babies grow out of things so fast! (swings, play gyms, jumpers etc.) Its not worth shelling out hundreds for brand new things.

Do get a bassinet for your room. It's convenient, cozy and nice for when they are just tiny. You probably won't even touch your crib for months after you have your babe. We haven't yet!

Do get blankets you really love. We find ourselves using the same five blankets and they are all ones we picked out ourselves.

Other things we loved:bottle drying rack, a mini pouch to put in your purse with a few diapers and wipes-for short trips, pacifier straps so they stay put, carseat cover to keep out prying ladies, car mirror to see them when you drive, a jumper, tummy time toys, nail clippers, a pacifier thermometer! (I was not messing around with rectal temps or trying to hold his arm still.)

Don't bother with:

A baby bath. (We rarely use ours, it's too bulky and easier and more fun to bathe with them.)

A bottle warmer (it takes 20 minutes and the baby will be ticked.)

A bulky stroller. Really a small umbrella stroller is just as nice-easier to pack in and out. We have a gorgeous one that we love but its hard for me to lift and carry. It also takes up so much room in the car it's impractical to travel with if you have groceries.

Stuffed animals-This is the worst gift to get. Haha. They aren't supposed to have them in the crib and they get bulky quick. Pick one you love or get one special one and DI the rest. We got a stuffed animal/mini blanket/silk backed comfort toy that works for travel and bedtime.

Baby shoes-They are just cute for pictures. When a newborn is kicking the crap out of you, they won't be fun.

Diaper Pail- Diapers are just easier to take out daily. Plastic grocery bags work great. (or the dollar store sells packs of 75, and they are scented) and refills get pricey. We just got Tai his own garbage with a foot button and it is perfect!

Excess anything: Clothes, blankets, socks, HATS. They really will use the same things over and over and the rest will just clutter up space!

Also-when people ask what you need, tell them. They are going to get you something, so make sure it's something you will use!

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