Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pictures Of Our Boy

Life Lately Has Been A Whole Lot Of This:

I put him in his bed and a half hour later came in and he was just sucking on his fists. He is such a good self-soother and almost makes me feel guilty with how good he pacifies himself.

Tai Has been sick the past week with the sniffles and getting him down to sleep has been really rough. Colton took a turn last night and after waiting a half hour for him to come start a movie I found them both asleep, with Tai clutching Colts hand.
Tai has learned how to smile! It is the most adorable thing. I get jealous because every single time Colton even makes eye contact with him, Tai breaks out in a giggle and a smile. Sure...ignore the one who feeds, bathes, changes and holds you all day and all night... :)
He fell asleep at the mall when I was trying to find his blessing outfit.
He was supposed to be sleeping again...nope. All smiles looking at his mobile and laughing to himself.
Note the bedding set. I love it so much.
Visiting Daddy at work on his birthday (April 2nd) I can't get over how much this little boy adores his dad.
Also, everyone tells me Tai looks like an old man. Okay.

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