Monday, April 2, 2012

Colton's Birthday

For Colton's Birthday we went out to Chili's a day early to celebrate, and planned on spending and evening in after he got off work on his actual birthday.
I threw him a surprise party
He went to the gym and I told him I wanted him to pick me up a treat on the way home.
So he needed to call me and I would decide what I wanted.
(Yes, a treat for me on his birthday, I suck.)

I also told him I forgot candles and frosting for his cake.

He opened the door sweaty and limping, carrying a bag of potatoes (he decided he wanted those for dinner) and uttered a few swear words of surprise.

Please note, I did get him an angry birds cake.
Don't act like your husband/boyfriend/self isn't obsessed.
He picked out the number candles for himself. (Which made me laugh.)
We had to re-stage the picture because he blew the candles out too fast.
He decided right then was an opportune moment to answer the phone.

 I also want to add that this was an ice cream cake. And I was under the impression that ice cream cakes had ice cream AND cake in them. Was I wrong? This one was all ice cream.


All in all the night was a success.
He got a new hat and some x-box gear, shoes and a shaver.
Happy Birthday Babe!

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