Monday, April 23, 2012

A Few Things...

Colton and I said that we were not letting our son have screen time (tv, computers, iPhone) until he was two, because they can get seizures and it's
not good for their development.

Tai is currently laying on the couch watching a Spanish game show. Intently. I really needed to pee. And well, some housework needs to get done. (At least he will be bilingual?)

Also, after spending an hour and a half at 4 am listening to Tai babble and kick, I gave him to Colton and said "your turn."

As I was falling asleep Colton let out a scream and said "stop it you freeeeek." Tai had a steel grip...on his armpit hair.

This only slightly outweighs me sleep talking to Colton "go get Tai he is awake." and Colton deliriously yelling "I AM HOLDING HIM ALREADY!!" (as he pointed to his arms cradled around nothing.) After checking his arms I responded "no honey I think he is in his crib."

We need more sleep.

Cue the picture of my boys watching UFC weigh ins while I make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. We keep it classy.

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