Sunday, April 22, 2012

Building A Home

It's amazing how things slowly start to come together.

When Colton and I first moved in together it was a little chaotic. We made a quick decision and found a cute studio apartment.

It didn't have a dishwasher, there was hardly any room in the place, and we loved it.

We bought a small futon, a tiny entertainment stand, and a tiny kitchen table. I found some chairs at a thrift store, we shared his blue, sticker covered dresser and we made things work.

We had to hand wash EVERYTHING, and our few shelves were so high up we had to buy storage so I could reach cereal. Our microwave (that I scored at a thrift store) sat on a wobbly table next to the front door.

Then we decided to move and make room for baby. (and get away from our psycho neighbor who worshipped trees at 3 am.) It took us an hour to move every piece of furniture out of our old apartment and into the new one.

At first it was really sad. We had a huge two bedroom apartment with a bed, a dresser and two night stands. We had our small futon and tiny tv stand and the whole set up looked funny in a huge apartment.

Slowly we have "upgraded." We got some awesome couches for free, a huge mattress, (ours was a full) and a nursery set. We acquired a rocking chair, and some bar stools, a vacuum cleaner and a side table.

It's fun building a home. It's fun to replace old bedding with something fresh and soft (thanks mom Kynaston.) It's fun to switch out the old shabby bar stools for a couple cute cherry wood ones. It makes you feel good to DI the vacuum that hasn't worked for anything since you bought it, and start using a vacuum that actually works.

We couldn't do it without our friends and family. They lend us their trucks to move furniture. They give us something they don't use that we really needed (a kitchenaid!!!) Sometimes they are just really generous, (my mother in law gave us a merchandise credit to buy something we needed-we got bedding because Colton's old full bedding didn't fit our king size bed.)

I'm looking forward to getting a bed frame so we can get our mattress off the floor. I'm excited to one day have a kitchen table with chairs that match and room to have people sit down. I can't wait to get our couches cleaned and repaired so they look as good as they are!

It's the little things that make me so excited about building a home. It makes me feel like I accomplished something.

Also sometimes it doesn't matter how big our apartment is. I make Tai sit on the porch like a little old man. ;)

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