Friday, April 6, 2012

2 Months

Our sweet little guy:

Is 100% breastfed. (yay!)

Is alllll smiles. Heart melting.

Sleeps about 7 hours at night.

Eats a ton! (6 oz every 3 hours?!)

But is still only in the 20th percentile for weight. (10 lbs 7 oz!)

Is always sucking on his hands. He loves them.

Rarely has a stinky diaper or blowout (another perk of breastfeeding-only wet diapers!)

Is officially out of newborn clothes :(

Wants to play with dad but clings to mom.

Sleeps in his own bassinet (usually!)

Loves bathes. The sound alone soothes him.

Is in LOVE with his mobile and swing toys.

Likes car rides and sitting in his car seat.

Kicks and wiggles like none other!

Is still an amazing baby! Rarely cries (this last week has been an exception because he has had a little cold.)

Also, our doctor told us he is "hung like a five year old."


TMI? Sue me. We laughed!

Also, he is obsessed with trying to watch tv. We said no screen time until he was 2 and we try hard, but sometimes he sneaks a peek and sometimes mom needs 2 seconds to pee :)

Again, sue me. :)

And yes. He may be watching toddlers and tiaras. Last week it was Jersey Shore. Ah, the quality of Netflix.

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