Thursday, January 2, 2014

Goal 1: Happy New Year

One of my biggest goals for the year is to get better at recording our lives and Tais moments especially. I want to remember all the funny, quirky things he does and says and the memories we made.

I also want to be accountable to some of my other goals.

We spent New Years Eve with Colton's family at their annual seafood dinner. My husband looked forward to this all year when we were dating, and when I officially became family, and was invited too, I realized why.

His grandma puts on a beautiful spread of appetizers, plans fun games and gift exchanges, and then brings us all upstairs for dinner.

One think I think I love about Colton's grandparents is how important family is to them. This year they bought a brand new table that fits ever member of the family on it (so there's no "kids" table.) I love that every member gets to eat from the fancy China and enjoy one nice dinner together.

They started with salad, Colton's aunt Kir's famous clam chowder, fresh rolls, lobster, deep fried shrimp and of course, all-you-can-eat King crab legs.

You know you have been fed well when lobsters and crab are getting passed up. We always get sent home with a care package of crab legs-and my husband absolutely loves that tradition also ;)

We woke up early today, dropped Colton off at work, and headed to my Aunt Maryann's. For as long as I can remember my family has always done something big for New Years. Let's just say I also had crab for breakfast...crab and French fries. My cousin Tia said "I probably shouldn't start my New Years eating cold potatoes for breakfast. Oh well." 

We finished off the day watching Frozen-and Tai wrestled the entire way through it.

In not so happy news, we gave up our little dog Griff today. We know this decision was best for his well being, and for our family, and one day hope to adopt/rescue an older dog.

More resolutions to come! 


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