Friday, January 3, 2014

Family Dates

We took Matai to Provo today to get dinner and find a snowsuit/family picture outfits. 

We are super excited because Jorden Keith is taking our family pictures next week. I keep telling Colton that he is going to be famous and if I don't get pictures done by him I will always regret it.

We found Tai a cute little outfit, but not before he spotted and gasped at the Disney store. We let him run in there, hug a Buzz Lightyear doll, ogle at some toy card and press all the buttons on the toys. We also found his birthday present-I can't believe he will be two in one month! 

We went to a Thai restraunt with Matt and Melanie Watts, we love getting together with them, friends with kids are the best. Best friends with kids are even better ;)

We also took the kitchenaid I won at work back to Costco since I already have one, and we want to put extra money on our downpayment- we are only $800 away from closing!

I can't even believe that we will be closing on our house in just a few weeks. It's so surreal.

I'm grateful for good friends, our home,
And my super smart little man. 
We caught him eating chocolate milk powder with a spoon from the can. Parenting at its finest. 👍

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