Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Week In Review

This week at the Kynaston house:

We all laid in bed. A lot. First Colton got sick. He spent the whole week in bed.
Then Tai got Croup, but I caught it immediately, and we got some anti inflammatory medicine from the pediatrician, which made the second round a WHOLE lot more bearable.
Then I got sick, so we were sick taking care of sick, taking care of sick.

All. Week. Long.

In other news: Grampa Rob took us sledding in the north fields. Tai went sledding for 10 minutes and spent the other 50 minutes snuggling with Gramma in the car, trying to drive, and getting into stuff he wasn't supposed to. He also drank mom's hot chocolate, and looked adorable bundled up in his snowsuit.

We signed some more papers for our house, and now the waiting game begins. EEEEEK.
(Tai "helped" sign papers, and then he signed his hand, and my couches. Why oh why did I buy a white accent chair.)

Tai gave dad kisses in exchange for his Snowman cookie that mom brought home.

We are tentatively planning a trip to New Zealand. Time to buy tickets, get time off, get passports, and finally go on vacation! Our tax refund should be good this year, and the house should be well taken care of by then.

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