Friday, January 3, 2014

Snow Day!

My fabulous work planned a "family snow day" for everyone at 123 Postcards today. Colton took the day off and we got to spend a rare day together as a family.

We woke up late, snuggled in bed for an hour, and then put our warm clothes on. On our way to Soldier Hollow we passed Probst funeral home. Colton made the comment that "do the Probsts do everything in this town? Probst electric, Probsts funerals, Probsts law firms..."  A few minutes later we got pulled over by a cop because our registration just expired.  As he handed Colton the ticket and walked away, Colton said "thanks officer...Probst!?"

Pretty funny/sucky.

We got to the hill, and despite Tai refusing to stay in the tube, hating the kiddy hill, and trying to go under every fence, tied off area, and barrier, managed to get a few rounds of tubing in.

We finally had to tell the people Tai was "three" so he could go down the bigger hill-which he loved.

I kept falling in the snow because my shoes had NO traction (that's what I get for wearing Wizards of Waverly Place boots.) My last two falls on the way back to the lodge were the worst. I bent my knee back on one and my hip back on the other. Needless to say I was dry stuff the rest of the day, and had a hard time sorting through the movie.

They booked out the movie theaters in town, and let everyone get treats, drinks and popcorn, so that was really fun. Tai was surprisingly calm (he was worn out) and watched the movie intently until mom was too sore to sit anymore.

We went home, Colton made me a nice hot bath, and Tai went to bed. We are all laying in bed with the lights out and it's 8 o clock on a Friday.

We are so cool. ;)

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