Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Year In Review

2013 has been a good year for our family.

Our Highlights:

In February we celebrated Tai's first birthday at the Rec. Center in Heber. All of our friends and family came, and we had a wonderful time.

We also went to Taylor Swift :)

In April Colton ended work at Deer Valley and started at Stein Eriksen Resort (The only 5 Star Resort in Utah.) They didn't have a nametag for him so he got "Thomas" for the first few months.

We celebrated Easter with MaTai

We took 2 mini vacations to St. George and Vegas, one in April, on in November.

Mary started her first "grown up" job at 123 Postcards in July after working for the Railroad for over a year.

In July we moved out of our Tiny apartment and into our very first home.

We Celebrated the Fourth Of July in Riverdale with the Dukes/Taukiuveas.

Tai met Uncle Curtis for the first time when he came home from his mission in Samoa. He also met Nana and Pa.

We bought our very first set of couches-we are such adults :)

In August we celebrated our 1 year anniversary at the Melting Pot, and Colton surprised me with flowers and chocolate at the table.

We got a little Dachsund named Griff. Who is VERY naughty and may not be with us much longer. ;)

Colton started going back to school.

We celebrated Halloween at Cornbelly's with the Gogan's, and had a fun Halloween Party. Tai went as Yoda.

We had fun at "Friends-Giving" with our good friends the Kirklands and the Gogans.

We had ourselves a "Merry Little Christmas" (and Tai had his first hospital visit Christmas Eve.)

We are so grateful for all of the opportunities that we have had this year.

We are thankful for our new friends, old friends, and most importantly our family.

 We have had a lot of great people help us get where we are today, and we really appreciate it. We are so lucky, so blessed, and so thankful.

Thank you!


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