Friday, November 18, 2011

Your Hair Is Turning Blue? Oh That's NORMAL.

I. Have. Been. So. Sick.
No Bueno.

7 1/2 months pregnant, and I've had every pregnancy symptom under the sun. I feel like a crazy person.

Cravings? Chocolate Milk, Chocolate Ice Cream, Hot Chocolate.
                Apple Juice, Apple's, Apple Sauce

I've literally have been in the doctors twice a week for the last 7 months. Every single thing that happens is somehow a pregnancy symptom, and "normal."

People. I've been diagnosed with everything from lactose intolerance, gluten allergies, acid reflux, anemia, iron deficiencies, liver failure, Urinary Tract Infections, Kidney Infections, Kidney Stones, nausea, heart palpitations, diabetes.


Our doctor gave me a new prescription for something every single time we went in, which is scary for a pregnant woman who won't even take Tylenol. He would give me a medicine that would stop my nausea, but would cause constipation, then something that would fix the constipation but cause stomach pains, then something that numbed stomach pain but would probably make me sleep a lot. You get the picture. Basically I would leave the doctors irritated, crumple up another prescription and go back to being miserable, because I was not about to take 11 different pills a day. No exaggeration.

I didn't gain weight for the first 6 months, I lost fat and gained baby. (Which isn't that bad I suppose?) I slept most of the day, everyday, getting woken up by Colton trying to get food in my stomach. I didn't hold down most any food at all. It got to the point where Colton was so used to me throwing up that he could eat a burrito while holding my hair WHILE I vomited. Man of the year? I think so.

Let's just say, that between the nausea, heartburn, body aches and exhaustion, I am READY for this little boy to get here. His dad is constantly saying "Tai, be nice to mom." If only.

In other news, for anyone who has said, "I must be out of the loop" or "I had no idea you were pregnant." You were not alone. I live 250 miles away, I am barely showing even at 7 months, and while Colton likes to tell every random person we meet (because he is a very very very proud daddy) I have tended to keep it quiet.

I love my son, but going through something like this is really hard. It makes you feel like everyone is judging, talking, disappointed. It's heartbreaking. So I apologize that everyone is finding out now. Honestly it was only with the nudge of Colton, that I even said anything. And he is right. He said to me one night "This baby isn't a mistake, sweetie. He's a surprise. But not a mistake." And as fun as it would have been to post baby pictures come January, I need a little mom support :)



  1. So I know we are just the neighbors that sometimes have a screaming baby but I just wanted to say Colton is right, a baby is always a blessing! You two will make awesome parents just based on how well you treat each other (no domestic violence (; right ). If you ever need mom support I am only a yell through the wall away. We got lucky to get such good neighbors

  2. Oh my gosh, you poor woman! It's wonderful that you have such a wonderful man who is willing to help you out with everything. He sounds like he's going to be a great DADDY, and not just a FATHER. :)And by the way, you shouldn't apologize for not announcing Tai sooner, because he's your little one and it's up to you who knows and when they know it. I'm so happy to know because I think you'll be a great mom...and your little boy will be darling! :)