Friday, November 25, 2011

Thankful Thankful, Thanksgiving

This year was the first year Colton and I got to spend together on Thanksgiving. Which is crazy because this will be our third Thanksgiving as a couple. With baby in the picture I think people understand that we are a family, and need to stick together. His mom volunteered to wait until next year to have us-I think she just has premeditated intentions of having Tai at her Thanksgiving next year ;)

So we had dinner with my family, in Riverdale at my aunt Maryanne's house. It is going to hard for me to get used to switching back and forth for Thanksgiving. Since all my Aunt's and Uncle's on my dad's side married someone from another country (Tonga, Japan, New Zealand etc.) Every year and every holiday is with the same side of the family. So the idea of switching back and forth between two sides of the family is bizarre to me. Colton's mom side is big, and he doesn't know many people very closely on it, and his dad's side is tiny, he has two aunts, with two kids each. 14 people total. It's tiny.

There were over 50 people at my aunts house this year. It was a little bit of a culture shock to him. We had 4 turkey's. 20 pounds of mashed potatoes, 15+ pies, you get the idea. But he loved it. We came home with several pounds of leftovers, and he is beyond stoked. He called me from work today asking if I'd make him mashed potatoes, gravy, ham and stuffing. Sounds like a tall order if you don't have a huge tray of leftovers :) He was so ecstatic to have lunch, I felt so happy that he has such a great attitude about leftovers. Love him.

All in all, it was a great weekend with family. Colton is so thoughtful and open to talking to anyone who wants to know about the baby. He told my grandma how happy he is to work for his family, my uncle how thankful he is for all the advice early in the pregnancy, the list goes on. He is so genuinly excited to be a daddy and you can see it in the way he acts. My cousin's Jason + Marina just had a little girl named Olive, and watching Colton ask to hold her and playing with her little hands just melted my heart.

We also fed ducks at the duck pond, and then traveled back home so he could work today. :( I guess the super amazing black friday deals will have to wait until next year...when there is a brand new baby in tow...oh dear.

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