Thursday, November 17, 2011

On The Subject Of Marriage.

If you think trying to get engaged is hard. Have a baby first.

You will hear everyone's opinion, story, thought and advice.
"Just get married now."
"Don't get married until after baby is here."
"It makes things easier."
"It makes things so much harder."

People are always telling me that I am going to feel like I missed out on life, or didn't get the opportunities I wanted. I agree, maybe timing wasn't perfect. But i'm 21 years old. There's so many girls my age, who I went to school with, that are married, with kids, on purpose.

The way I see it, it's scandalous regardless.  Scandal if we do, scandal if we don't.
Colton has made it very clear that we can go into a courthouse and sign a piece of paper if a title is what makes me happy. It's not. Who wants that?

So i'm going to plan my dream wedding.
Because that's the one thing I do not want to feel like I missed out on.
And we are going to wait.

Why would I stress myself out even more trying to plan a wedding, with a huge belly and pregnancy sickness to boot? 
It's not like i'm a full time student. 
With a full time job. 
Preparing for a newborn.
Adjusting to living with another person.

Let's just add a wedding to make people happy.

The fact is, we already know we love each other. A lot. 
We made the decision to be a family.

Colton comes home to me every night. 
He gives me his paychecks to put towards whatever bills we need paid.
We make all financial decisions together.
Share a lease on an apartment.
He washes my underwear, I fix his bills.
Whatever problems/difficulties arise, we are in it Together.

We already feel married. He introduces me as his Fiance.
So where is the ring?

That's the thing about sharing a life. The surprise is taken out of everything.
If he stops at the flower store, buys a red box and a pizza. I already know it before he gets home. 
Try buying a ring.

Needless to say, we are saving up for one, but putting the baby first.
But let's just say, I am excited for the Holidays ;)

We want to get married after Tai is born, and my body (and sleep) is recovered.
We both know we are going to have a hard time leaving our sweet boy home with grandma for a honeymoon.
But we are glad he will get to share our day with us.  
      In his cute little tux :)

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