Wednesday, November 16, 2011

MaTai Allen Kynaston

That is my son's name.
Holy crap.

Colton loved the name Tai. Which means "big." I wanted my son to have a more formal name. So we came up with Ma'Tai. It means "gift from god" and is the Polynesian name for Matthew. It is also the title for Polynesian royalty. This all fit together, as my brother is in Samoa on a mission, my family is Polynesian, and he is carrying the name of my very best friend, Matthew Watts. Tai's middle name is Allen, which is passed down the Kynaston line several generations. Since Colton is the end of the Kynaston line, we got stuck with it :)

Let me just tell you. From day 1, Colton has been super dad.

He is at every appointment. "...She also throws up a lot."
He asks all the questions. "She is craving chocolate..and apples. Is this normal?"
He reads all the baby books, "The book says that you should eat breakfast in bed, so I made you bacon."
He buys the stretch mark lotions, pregnancy pillows and baby books.
And he makes all the decisions. Friend: "Are you guys having a shower?"
Me: "Well I don't..."
Colton: "Yes we are, and our babies colors are green and black."

(Our baby has colors?)

When we went to find out the sex of the baby, he played angry birds in the room. He called baby a "he" from the beginning, barely glancing or reacting to the ultrasound technicians announcement that it was a boy. She zoomed up on the babys legs and Colton said "told ya, that's a weiner." He also took the photos off of our fridge, calling them "an embarrassment to Tai."

In fact he called him Tai before we even knew if he was a boy.

So pretty much I was out of luck. This is HIS son. "I will raise him myself if you don't want to join me."

Like I said, he is super dad.

And Tai loves him. He kicks whenever he hears his dad's voice. Something Colton soaks up, and tortures me with at 2 am. He pokes my stomach, Tai pokes him back. I am in for it.

He also has Tae Kwon Do lessons pre-scheduled, "first i'll teach him how to kick. He is already good at it. That way he can defend his little sister."

Yup. Super dad now predicts the future.

Either way I am super grateful for him. Super grateful that he loves his son so much. Super thankful for his sacrifices, for working two jobs so I can stay home and rest, for making me three meals a day and letting me have all six pillows and the window open when it's snowing.

He is a great man.

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