Sunday, November 20, 2011

Baby Boy, Where Are You?

In one week, we will hit 8 months pregnant.
Which is very close to 9 months.
Which is VERY close to baby.
Which gives me anxiety.

In my head i'm constantly playing through "Thanksgiving...Christmas....New Years...Baby...Thanksgiving...Christmas...Baby...Christmas....AHHHH."

And then occasionally I start to cry. At which point Colton explains to whoever I freaked out on that its just normal and i'm hormonal and pregnant and blah blah blah.

Man i'm gonna miss that excuse. :)

I'm hoping that when this little guy comes, I won't feel so exhausted all the time, even after a full nights rest and multiple naps I still feel like I could go back to bed. I'm hoping I won't have acid reflux and have to sleep sitting up. I'm DYING to sleep on my stomach again. I have really bad shoulders, which I was advised not to sleep on, period. Then I was told not to sleep on my back because of the weight of the baby, which leaves me with...what exactly? Eff you Doctor know it all...

I'm also wondering where the heck this baby is hiding. Last month I looked VERY pregnant. This last week, my child buried himself into some small corner of who knows where and I had a DOCTOR ask me if we had just found out. A lady at the hair salon asked if I ever wanted to have kids. When I told her I was almost 8 months pregnant, she proceeded to have her fellow beauticians come and inspect me. A kid in one of my classes asked why I had missed so much school, and then his mouth dropped open when I told him I was pregnant. He just kept staring at my stomach, saying "there's a baby in there?" (Okay maybe I wanted to smack him.)

My best friend, Katy, is pregnant, and is due a week before me. She looks very pregnant. Not fat, not round. Just pregnant. I on the other hand, look like I gained some weight. Awesome.

Would you like to see?

I get a lot of reassurance feeling Tai kick me, otherwise I would feel like one of those crazy ladies who just TELLS people she is pregnant and convinces herself she is pregnant then isn't really. 

What do you think?


  1. Your bump is insanely tiny, but it's there! Cute and round and full of baby. :)I know I've said this on every post, but babies are SO FUN! It's terrifying to think of everything that goes down with childbirth...but you can do it and it will be so worth it (like I need to tell you that)! :)

  2. They are all just jealous, I know I am. It will be so much easier for you to get back to your normal size if you don't explode like I did! Plus you probably will have a normal size baby. I hear they are easier to deliver...but I wouldn't know ;)!