Saturday, May 19, 2012

St. George Vacation

With moving coming close, we decided to take a trip with our friends Matt & Sierra to St. George to stay in Grandma and Grandpa Kynaston's Condo. We had such a blast! We really needed to get out and have a break and it was exactly what we needed.

We swam with Tai for the first time. My little pasty gangsta had to have tons of sunscreen, plus a swimming shirt, plus a floatie with a cover. So funny. He totally loved it though.

We had tons of fun BBQ-ing and just getting out of Cedar!!
His Pool Float.
Oversized Swim Diapers!
Cute Suit!
Swimming with mom.
Pool Time With Dad (Colton went to this pool when he was a baby too!)
Laying out, trying not to be so pasty! Haha.

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