Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Breastfeeding Panic!

We went up to my parents this weekends to tie up a few loose ends (more to come on that.) We were so incredibly busy, it was insane. Colton personally goes nuts in Heber- we walk around and I know EVERYBODY and he just thinks its crazy. It baffles him that I can run into so many people I know in one place.

(Big city peeps-who needs em!)

Anyways-when we packed up
my breast pump up, somehow a part broke. In THREE places. What the?!? I don't know if it was the temperature of the car and the plastic was brittle or what, but it was DESTROYED.

I discovered this first thing this morning. The Tube adapter Is a tiny plastic piece that holds the tubes in, and it's smaller than a penny-yet the whole thing is useless without it. So I had a major panic. I'm to the point where I pump every 12 hours and pump enough to last the whole day. The upside is less pumping. The downside is that if something goes wrong-like what happened this morning-I'm so engorged that I'm basically screwed. Tai can't eat that much and so I'm in pain.

So I was calling hospitals and stores and everyone in between trying to find a part. Sure, Ameda, the pump maker, can send you one in a week, but meanwhile my child:

A. Starves
B. Screams his head odd refusing to
C. Starts formula, for a dumb reason.
D. I lose my milk.


While I was making these calls, trying to stay away from Tai who was laying in his Boppy pillow screaming his head off. He got so angry that he wiggled off his pillow, kicked it off the couch and then flung himself off.

I walked in to him on the floor PISSED. No tears, just screaming bloody murder.

Suicidal baby alert.

Before you criticize me, I was on the phone for 26 seconds. Tai cannot roll nor has he ever even moved an inch of a flat surface. He pulled a freaking Houdini.

Regardless I felt horrible. We sat and fought each other over latching and the nipple guard, I called my mother in law panicked, and I was ten minutes away from making Colton come home and take me to the store to buy a new pump. $300 bucks, goodbye.

(This was tempting. I use it 2-4 times a day, 25 times a week, 100 times a month and at least 500 times since he was born. They have some amazing small portable ones that I drool over. Aka: the Medela Freestyle. I totalIy go Napolean Dynamite with that thing. In other words. " I want that.")

Pump envy. It's a disease.

ANYWAYS. This all didn't happen because Tai latched after he got too hungry to fight me, my mother in law found that dang little piece at a specialized baby store, and it is now on its way to Cedar City. Good heck.

So I am dependent on a machine. Whatever.

You may now view the culprit of my panic, and also, my dream pump.

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