Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Money money money

Colton and I went ring shopping today after work. It was completely depressing. I want a ring sooo badly for my birthday, but it is really not in the budget. The frustrating thing is, I would be fine with a small diamond and a small band. Super tiny and easy.

Well we will find a ring, and then by the time we get it sized and priced it goes up 400 dollars. My 900 dollar ring was 1530 after sizing. Ugh.

Apparently gold is so expensive and my hobbit fingers are so wide, that it costs hundreds extra to put a ring on it.

We have finally decided on a date, and I am so so excited, but that won't be announced until we are "officially" engaged-which won't happen until we can afford a ring.

We both are ready to get married, but again, it's all about budget constraints. Since we are "out on our own," I don't think it's traditional for parents to help with wedding costs. So that makes things even harder, but I'm trying the best I can.

Every time we get extra money, it seems like it immediately disappears.

I got our auto insurance lowered by a hundred dollars, and then Colton got a ticket 5 hours later.

I cried. I literally couldn't look at him for hours after that.

That was 2 years of a perfect record down the drain for going 5 miles over. I was so furious with him-especially since right before he left I said "DO NOT SPEED, it is the end of the month and cops are out!" We were one month away from having our policy drop another $500.00

Its a full time job making our budget stretch.

I know I could work, and I have applied in several places, but I would worry about how much attention Tai was getting. I would never leave him in daycare. I just can't sacrifice my babies upbringing to have more "things."

Obviously I get frustrated. But I love him dearly and I know he does the best he can. Even if I just want to shake him.

They are so alike...haha.

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  1. Have you tried Fred Meyer Jewelers? That is where I got my ring and it was fairly inexpensive (less than 1000). And they have the option of financing so if you can't afford to make the one big payment, you can pay what you can afford up front and then they will have you make payments for 0 interest for the first year. That's how we had to do it because we were so young and poor!