Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Housekeeping and Baby Updates

It's 8:30 on a Wednesday night. The house is spotless, laundry is done and sink is clean. I sent Colton off to work with a full stomach-mashed potatoes and chicken fried steak.

MaTai is in his swing fast asleep about two feet away from me, And I am enjoying a hot relaxing bath with my iPhone. If you are judging me, you are obviously not the mother of an infant. So I don't care.

Our house has been a lot more organized lately. The house stays spotless, which I love. Colton comes home and does his chore list before going to the gym-and having a spotless kitchen motivates me to cook. So it's been working out really well.

Part of the reason is we invested in a 4 bag laundry sorter. So when clothes are dirty they go directly into their color pile. Any clean clothes go into a fifth basket-which keeps them off the floor/bed/couch/wherever Colton sheds them. It also motivates him to wear clothes longer-since it's just as convenient to put them in a clean basket as a dirty one. Every two days his job is to hang them up. It's been amazingly clean and less laundry. Plus when I see a basket is full of say, darks, I send it down with him and don't have to worry about if there is enough for a load or his sorting abilities. That way we don't end up with 8 loads at once because it piles up. Im lovin it.

Tai also has a spray and wash station-I keep the spray by his changing station so all Colton has to do is spray and throw it in Tai's laundry basket. Life simplified.

Tai is 3 months old and has become really fun lately. He responds to my voice and will look directly at me if I call him. He sucks on his hands viciously-and is constantly covered in drool. He is learning to grab his own bottle-and recognizes it when I put it in front of him. He is even at the point where he tries lifting his body to sit. He is becoming very vocal, and will make noises when I talk to him-or at least mimic my mouth movements. He is starting to enjoy toys, like his play gym and his jumper. He is a clinger. If he is napping he has to hold my hand or be against me, and then he is perfectly content.

We love him and are loving every new stage (even if I miss the limp cuddly stage.) :(

A few pictures of our mad house :)

Falling asleep in moms laundry.
The drooling has started,,,and he is getting so big!
The classic pouty lip.
Officially asleep in the warm laundry.
Starting to hold his own bottle.
Mom and Tai snuggling.

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