Monday, May 7, 2012


You Guys!

We are running against 15 couples to win a great wedding package!
When I Say Great I Mean It's Worth Over 3 Grand.
We NEED your help, your mom's help, your sister's help: HELP.
It is sooooooooo easy.
All you have to do is like the AK Studio & Design Page.
(You HAVE to like it or your vote doesn't count.)
Then click on the Big Red "W"
And then BOOM=Click on the pretty little words
"Mary & Colton"
(And don't those words go nicely together?)
We think so!
That's why we're getting maaaaaaarrrrrriiiiiiieeeeeeeeeedddddddd.

Click ME! Help Us Tie The KNOT.

If you are new to our story our journey started here :)

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