Sunday, May 6, 2012

Contests And Such!

I Know That Facebook Contests Get Totally Annoying :)


Colton and I are finalists to win a photography package!
A package that is worth over $2300 dollars.

 And  we could really use your help! If we win, it will mean we can afford to have our wedding in just 3 SHORT MONTHS.

Which, if you have been following us, you know is a HUGE deal. Massive.

So if you have it in your heart to vote for us, and maybe even encourage a few friends to vote for us too (you know, the best friends who will do anything to help you and are sitting on Facebook and have two seconds on their hands.) PLEASE DO IT.

This literally will change our lives, and it is just two clicks.

Please, Please, Please, Please, Please!


Thank you :)

The link is on the newest post! Sorry the contest hadn't officially begun when I wrote this!

1 comment:

  1. I would vote for you. But you didn't leave a link to the contest. How do we vote?