Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tai 4 1/2 Months...I Give Up!

We made it pretty dang far with Tai being only breastfed. And then it just got too hard.
Not because of the pumping, but because with working and everything else, I was not producing enough milk to completely satisfy him. It was getting stressful to the point where I was always drained, he was always hungry and I was almost upset everytime he wanted to nurse because I didn't have anything else to give him. He had a growth spurt and I just couldn't keep up anymore.

So we have started supplementing with formula. I don't necessarily like it, but I don't have another choice. I was taking 12 pills a day just to be able to keep my supply up and it still wasn't anywhere near enough. He was eating tons of rice, lots of apple juice, and tons of baby food just so he wouldn't starve.

I definately don't like how much he spits up, or the way his breath smells. His burps are nasty, the formula smell grosses me out and he has had so many blowouts in a week that I think his carseat is permanently ruined.

It happened 4 times in one day. The first time I just thought it was gas and then I looked down and it was on his face, his hands and his mouth, (and yes, it happened while I was trying on a wedding dress at someone's house.)

An hour later we had an employee at a store tell us we spilled our coke. We weren't drinking coke. Yes, he had a blowout so big it went through his clothes, his blanket, his carseat cover, his carseat, the shopping cart and onto the floor into a puddle so big it looked like we spilled a huge coke. Sick.

We have had to wash our sheets every single day for a week. (Mattress cover, undersheed, duvet cover.) He basically is confined to being on a towel wherever we go. Us not paying for diapers for 4 months went down the drain after this week, because all of our diapers are in storage (freaking apartment) and he went through the supply so fast we couldn't keep up.

I hate formula. HATE. I miss being able to put a bottle by the bed and not have it go bad in an hour. I also don't know how to prevent an inch of pure bubbles. Any help?

It has tripled our expenses: Formula, diapers, wipes, clothing. Grr..


I am still pumping and breastfeeding as much as before, he just has a little of everything. I don't think I ever wrote this, but I got a brand new pump. Not just any pump but the Medela Freestyle. I feel like there should be lights and sounds going because it was so incredibly awesome and I love it SO much. Also, the person who got me this pump shall remain unnamed, I don't want her to get in trouble with the big boss ;) Let's just say it showed up at my door, and I wasn't expecting it, and I full on starting crying and jumping up and down. (Not a pretty sight.) I.Am.In.Love.

I want to pump for another 5 years just so I can spend lots of time with this beauty. Okay, no, not 5, but it has kept me motivated to keep pumping AND I will have another baby just so I can use this. Colton says that's fine. Ha.

SP. Tai is eating 4 times more than normal and has gained at least two pounds in the last week, his face is really starting to fill out, and he is going from a string bean to a chub.

I'm loving it.

On a happier note, he is now giving kisses. They are so adorable and I ask for them over and over again till Tai gets bored and refuses. He is also blowing bubbles, giggling, and moving his legs like crazy.  Everything in his reach he grabs. Everything that he grabs goes in his mouth.

So it begins.

SO freaking big, he overtakes Grace.
Kisses For Dad
Lawn Mowin With Grandpa
First Visit To The Dairy Keen. Hating the French Fries.

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